Home For Christmas

I’m back to my home away from home in DC! I experienced a strange mixture of boredom and fun at home in Kansas City. The boring part only an issue because 1) my family only had one working vehicle (my dad’s truck) and 2) my friends still had to work (work doesn’t stop when you’re not vacationing).

Being home as an adult is so different from living there as a kid. I had the chance to experience the night life and do new things… like go to a jazz club/jazz museum:

The Blue Room (KC’s known for jazz & bbq)

And the Power & Light District in downtown KC which has restaurants and bars galore…

we went to Tengo Sed Cantina. And Amaretto Sours never tasted so sweet! I’ve found my drink of choice. 🙂

I spent time helping my best friend redecorate her apartment, eating at hole in the wall restaurants, and having mini slumber parties (lol). I wish I could’ve stayed a little longer, but next time I’m taking my sweetums. The city is much more fun when you’re re-experiencing everything it has to offer. At least, that’s what I’ve come to discover over the years.

Just a few things I got during my very merry Christmas…

A Pendleton bag, starter sewing machine and the Zumba exhilarate dvd set? Merry Christmas indeed!

Onto my Clothing/Accessory Shopping Expense Tracker:

December Monthly Total: $106. 89 (including credit card purchases & excluding Christmas gifts). I’d previously decided that my limit would be $100, so I didn’t go over too much. I’ll definitely have to scale back in January though. Possibly $75 or less.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve and see you in 2012!


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