Things I Learned While Being In Love

1. Never settle… As much as I hate to admit it, this is not my first engagement. I was once engaged for a little over seven months, but it just didn’t feel right, mostly because it wasn’t. He didn’t ask my father for my hand (which I actually wanted), I couldn’t tell friends or family about the engagement because we decided to keep it a secret and reveal it “when the time is right,” and worst of all, I was embarrassed to tell anyone anyway… because we’d only been dating for three months. I chalk it up to being young, impulsive, and blinded by what I thought was love (it wasn’t). Even though I was hurt when he ended our relationship, I’m glad he did. It took that painful break-up to realize that I was settling. Although our relationship looked picture perfect on the outside, looks were very deceiving.

2. When you’ve come to the point in your relationship where you both are ready for marriage, research what kind of ring you want. I initially wanted a princess cut diamond ring, but changed my mind completely when I saw a roundcut halo ring. During my search for THE perfect roundcut halo ring, I learned more about my personal taste. Like the fact that I would never choose any thing other than a bezel setting for myself. I decided that I don’t want a ring that 10 million other women have. I want something unique and even though it took months to find, I found it and love it.

3. Love isn’t always sunshine and happiness. There will be ups and downs. You will argue and fight. You will scream and yell. You will hate the other person at times (while still loving them unconditionally deep down inside). You will have to work at maintaining the relationship. A relationship is work. But it’s all worth it. At the end of the day you’ll still want to feel each other’s embrace, to hear the sound of the other’s voice, to be in the presence of someone you care so deeply for and who cares just as deeply for you. This is love.


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