These Dreams Under My Pillow

“Sun of a Gun” – Oh Land

A few weeks ago I was standing in line waiting to order food at Wendy’s and this video from Oh Land played in the background. I liked the song and made a note in my cell phone to look the song up later. Fast forward to a week later. I am tearing out things that inspire me from old magazines and I notice an article talking about date night playlists. One of the artists mentioned is Oh Land and suddenly I remember to search for the song I liked. After searching and youtube for all of her songs, I’ve now downloaded half of Oh Land’s album onto my ipod. I am so enamored with her voice, lyrics, beats, and the catchiness of all the songs. My favorites are “White Nights,” “Rainbow,” and “Lean” (the album version).

“White Nights”


“Lean (Live with String Quartet)”


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