Updates and Such

A pic I snapped on my walk home from work

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a life update. A few new things…

1. I got a raise! Luckily, I’ve come to realize that it does not mean that I can spend more on clothing/accessories. What it DOES mean is that I can save more for my 2013 wedding.

2. Weddings are EXPENSIVE! I’m definitely going to be DIY-ing some stuff for my ceremony/reception. We’re looking at venues in my hometown (Kansas City) and the venues alone are quite pricey. Finding a place that fits our vision for $3,000 is not as easy as we thought it’d be. We saw this gorgeous space, but it was $8,000! EIGHT THOUSAND! No gracias!

3. The fiance and I have declared Friday nights our movie date night in an attempt to make our weekend seem longer. Every week we take turns choosing a movie we want to see in theaters (or that we want to rent if theater selections are weak). So far we’ve seen Safe House, 21 Jump Street, Good Deeds, The Vow, and The Hunger Games… all of which I liked. [Go see 21 Jump Street NOW, if you haven’t already. And The Hunger Games too, while you’re at it… even if you’re like me and have never ever cracked open a Hunger Games book.]

In other events, here’s what’s been happening with my monthly Clothing/Accessory Shopping Expense Tracker:

My goal for January was to spend no more than $75, but my January Monthly Total ended up being: $106.31


So for February I scaled back in my purchasing. February Monthly Total: $35.09 (not including store credit card purchases… which was actually less than $10 anyway)

Much better!

I didn’t set a March goal and I don’t think it would be much help now to do so since the month is almost over (and I’ve spent $89 and some change already). These purchases were NEEDED… ok, well at least one of them was… I really did need this hooded jacket from H&M.

Seriously, I only had one light jacket that seems to be getting slightly tighter around my circumference. But let me tell you, it’s been one of THE best single purchases I’ve made in awhile. I’ve been wearing it pretty much everyday. And I can’t get over the cleverly hidden hood on the jacket. I can just unzip and voila… a hood comes out of the collar. Genius!


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