The Point Of It All

Last week was teacher appreciation week and to show hers, a parent gave me these from her garden.

Little did I know that when I entered the field of early childhood education, the more I gave to the children, the more that some parents would take. Some of them are never satisfied no matter how hard you try. Some of them belittle us and treat us like we’re incompetent. Some of them have the mindset that we’re glorified babysitters and “Anyone can teach, it’s not hard.”

It’s nice when a parent gives back and recognizes that we are competent individuals that deserve respect. It’s nice when they show us that they don’t believe we’re “glorified babysitters.” They know this is actually the most important time in their child’s development and we are part of their foundation. It’s nice when they show us that we’re appreciated.

For The Love Of Money, Shopping, and All Things Wedding

It’s time for my monthly Clothing/Accessory Shopping Expense Tracker:
I didn’t set a goal for April. I knew I would need a few things this month. April Monthly Total: $90.97 (not including store credit card purchases). My store credit card purchases ended up being $50.97.

Sigh… ridiculous, I know. The purchases did get a smidge out of hand this month. So I registered for free on which tracks my expenses, helps me budget my money, and provides boot camps so I can learn how to manage my finances better. Yes, I’m still on too, which sends me my checking and savings account balances weekly through text so I know exactly how much I have.

I’ve been working on exercising my willpower to resist sales both in-store and online. There are things that I do that Continue reading