For The Love Of Money, Shopping, and All Things Wedding

It’s time for my monthly Clothing/Accessory Shopping Expense Tracker:
I didn’t set a goal for April. I knew I would need a few things this month. April Monthly Total: $90.97 (not including store credit card purchases). My store credit card purchases ended up being $50.97.

Sigh… ridiculous, I know. The purchases did get a smidge out of hand this month. So I registered for free on which tracks my expenses, helps me budget my money, and provides boot camps so I can learn how to manage my finances better. Yes, I’m still on too, which sends me my checking and savings account balances weekly through text so I know exactly how much I have.

I’ve been working on exercising my willpower to resist sales both in-store and online. There are things that I do that definitely help such as: deleting sale emails before I even open them so I won’t be tempted to buy anything and making lists of things I actually need vs. things I just want to have (i.e. – I NEED a white fitted button-up blouse, and I WANT a pair of light pink jeans from The Gap). Notice how the item on my want list is a bit more specific than the item on my need list? It’s a trick I picked up from Kendi Everyday. It helps keep my shopping in perspective to do this.

Here’s a few more tips I’ve picked up along the way from Learnvest, Kendi Everyday, and life experiences:

  1. If you’re signed up for every monthly subscription for clothing/shoes/accessories out there such as ShoeDazzle, Sole Society, Stylemint, Send The Trend, etc., realize that each one sends you several emails every month that WILL tempt you. It is wise to unsubscribe from some of them, only stay on a few that you truly like. You don’t need it ALL. and
  2. If you constantly receive emails from sales websites such as Gilt , Ideeli, and Rue La La, it’s the same concept as the previous tip, realize there are some things you just DON’T NEED and unsubscribe.
  3. If you constantly receive emails from stores about every sale they have going on, it’s not doing you any favors. Unsubscribe from some of those lists. Chances are if you really love the store and there’s a really good sale, you’ll find out about it anyway.
  4. If there’s an item on sale, ask yourself if you’d buy it if it was full price. If not, move on.
  5. When I shop for sale items, I typically only do so when prices are slashed to 50% or higher. Occasionally, I purchase items discounted for lower than 50%, but only if I feel the item is truly unique and works well with/enhances my wardrobe.

Find more tips on Learnvest

My Current Money Goal: Cut back on shopping over the next year and use that saved money to fund my wedding.


What I’m Looking Forward To:

Going back to KC later on this month to tour wedding venues with my fiance! 🙂 So excited!


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