About Me

I’m Ayla, a 23-year-old citizen of Missouri, DC, and Maryland. I’m a fun-sized college grad and a down-to-earth lady sans the tramp. I am not perfect. I don’t have to be. I am an ever-changing paper doll.

I started off on tumblr in May 2010, documenting my diet/exercising motivations, posting editorials, links, tips, opinions, and music that I liked. Then one day I decided why not make it official and really commit to starting a blog? So I did!

I am constantly learning new things, updating my wardrobe, and discovering different places. All of my posts are 100% the things that I like, inspire me, or transpire in my life. I love sharing my experiences.

A few of my favorite things: Caramel frappes, reading, shoes, warm and breezy days, baking, diy, fashion, and French macarons.

Disclaimer: I try to credit all images that aren’t mine, but if you want me to credit an image, just send me a message or leave a comment to let me know.


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