Things I Learned While Being In Love

1. Never settle… As much as I hate to admit it, this is not my first engagement. I was once engaged for a little over seven months, but it just didn’t feel right, mostly because it wasn’t. He didn’t ask my father for my hand (which I actually wanted), I couldn’t tell friends or family about the engagement because we decided to keep it a secret and reveal it “when the time is right,” and worst of all, I was embarrassed to tell anyone anyway… because Continue reading


Creating Your Own Personal Style

I was reading College Fashion’s article on How To Develop Your Own Personal Style and thought I’d share how I define my own personal style (according to the article).

1. Determine Your Colors: To find your colors you have to assess your hair color, skin color, and eye color. This assessment will determine your “season” and give you a personal color scheme. I actually fall into a couple of seasons: deep autumn and deep winter and these are my colors schemes (respectively)…

Deep Autumn

Deep Winter

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How To: Dress For Your Height

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I’m very petite (4 feet 11.5 inches). So I find it difficult to shop for my height.  Though I like to try new things — because let’s face it, sometimes things I don’t expect to flatter me DO end up being flattering — I also know that my height won’t allow me to try everything under the sun. I found this helpful article from Watermoolen not too long ago (I’m always on the hunt for tips on how to dress for my height). This article seems like a pretty good guideline to follow (there’s also a guideline for tall girls too).

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Refinery29’s Tips On Dressing Sweat-Proof For Summer

In the dead of June, our ideal summer outfit might just be our birthday suit. Since we’re not that type of gals (and we’re sure the local police might not be too thrilled with that warm-weather strategy), we’ve turned to wardrobe stylist Chrissy Volk for the summer fabrics to wear when the weather turns to sweltering. Here are the best fabrics to keep you air-conditioned naturally!

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FashionJuice’s How To Wear The Midi Skirt Trend

Mini Skirts? Overdone. Maxi? Same thing! So how about doing the Midi? You may think it’s not your style or that it doesn’t suit you. So perhaps FashionJuice can help in that department with these tips on how to wear mid length skirts this season!

First off, I used to hate midi skirts. I find my legs/thighs big for my body. Midi skirts tend to emphasize that. But now, I noticed I’ve overcome the fear of wearing them with the help of heels and the right length. How? Here are some tips Continue reading