A Matter of Style: Marni for H&M Inspired Necklace

Because I’m Addicted: Tuxedo Pants

Love Maegan: Neon Shoes

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Thanks and Giving

I love this time of year. Thanks to you guys for reading my blog and sticking with me these past few months despite the lack of consistent updates. Hope you all have been enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend and taking advantage of some of these Black Friday deals! By the way, don’t forget Cyber Monday is tomorrow! I’ll be posting a guide for you with some great deals (lookout for it tonight)! Now, since I haven’t mentioned it in 2 months, Continue reading

DIY Cosmic Journey

Two weeks ago I jumped on the DIY blogger bandwagon and decided to attempt to create a random galaxy printed item. I bought black, purple, honey, and white acrylic paint and started revamping an inexpensive pair of slip-ons I’d bought a long time ago. Using a mix of techniques from ddisorder’s cosmic shoe tutorial (formerly goth school reform) and Le Chic Lapin’s galactic blazer video tutorial, I created these:

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