Happy Easter!

Dress: Rent The Runway (Shoshonna It’s My Birthday Dress), Bolero: The Limited, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Nine West), Necklace: New York & Co., Belt: New York & Co., Bag: New York & Co.

Hope you’re having a joyously colorful Easter! XOXO!


Driving Slow On Sunday Morning

Top: The Limited, Camisole: Ross, Skirt: Forever21, Necklace: H&M, Pumps: JustFab.com, Flats: Payless, Pants: Charlotte Russe, Bag: H&M

Have you ever opened your closet door and after searching for something you couldn’t quite pinpoint thought, “I have nothing to wear”?

Usually, I go through a cycle each week where I don’t have this realization until early Sunday morning  when I’m frantically running around my bedroom half-naked trying to get ready for church. Continue reading

Creating Your Own Personal Style

I was reading College Fashion’s article on How To Develop Your Own Personal Style and thought I’d share how I define my own personal style (according to the article).

1. Determine Your Colors: To find your colors you have to assess your hair color, skin color, and eye color. This assessment will determine your “season” and give you a personal color scheme. I actually fall into a couple of seasons: deep autumn and deep winter and these are my colors schemes (respectively)…

Deep Autumn

Deep Winter

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How To: Dress For Your Height

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I’m very petite (4 feet 11.5 inches). So I find it difficult to shop for my height.  Though I like to try new things — because let’s face it, sometimes things I don’t expect to flatter me DO end up being flattering — I also know that my height won’t allow me to try everything under the sun. I found this helpful article from Watermoolen not too long ago (I’m always on the hunt for tips on how to dress for my height). This article seems like a pretty good guideline to follow (there’s also a guideline for tall girls too).

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