The Point Of It All

Last week was teacher appreciation week and to show hers, a parent gave me these from her garden.

Little did I know that when I entered the field of early childhood education, the more I gave to the children, the more that some parents would take. Some of them are never satisfied no matter how hard you try. Some of them belittle us and treat us like we’re incompetent. Some of them have the mindset that we’re glorified babysitters and “Anyone can teach, it’s not hard.”

It’s nice when a parent gives back and recognizes that we are competent individuals that deserve respect. It’s nice when they show us that they don’t believe we’re “glorified babysitters.” They know this is actually the most important time in their child’s development and we are part of their foundation. It’s nice when they show us that we’re appreciated.


Moon River My Darling

I’ve been ridiculously tired after work this week (my excuse for not posting). Yes, I could always type my posts in advance and schedule them to be published at certain times each day, but I like most of my material to be fresh. I’ve had plenty of topics, editorials, reviews, and inspiration boards completed that I didn’t post and have deleted, because it just seemed old and stale to me. I only like to put out what I’m currently feeling, thinking about, or adoring. Which, of course, means that I usually type things right before I post them; two days max (if something is really important to me).

Anywho darlings

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Keep Your Head To The Sky

I’ve been working overtime the past three days and I am SO exhausted! But I’m expecting a nice little check soon. Providing child care at the Ritz Carlton = cha ching! No?

I’m so relieved and excited that I’ll be graduating in May! I wasted no time sending out the first batch of invitations. I’ll be sending out the rest to my family and friends this weekend.

Speaking of graduation and work, most of the donations I received to keep me in school ended up being early graduation presents for me. Hopefully, with this overtime I’ve been putting in the past few days, I can start to save up a little for what I really want, a digital SLR camera. Any suggestions on a good, but inexpensive camera for beginners?

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