Feeling Oceanic This Memorial Day

I confess… I didn’t end my May shopping like I was supposed to. I bought LOTS of stuff actually. I can justify it though! I used my Continue reading


Well Dust Bunnies… I Spent Too Much

A few weeks ago, me and my mr. hunny bunny were looking through some of his family’s old photos. They were stored in a big huge tattered bag. My hunny bunny had the bright idea of buying a photo album for them. I agreed and said we should Continue reading

Get Your Kicks!

I’m still on the graduation kick since my honey bunny graduated today from George Mason University!

Congratulations to my future hubby on getting his B.A. in Sociology concentrating in Crime, Social Control, and Deviance, while double minoring in Global Affairs and Criminology.

He had to type everything after Sociology because that was a total mouthful! Anyway, we’re off to celebrate!