Project Runway Season 9 Episode 5

The Challenge: In teams of three, the designers must create three sportswear garments that can be worn with Heidi Klum’s New Balance sneakers.

Guest Judge: Erin Wasson (Model)

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After The Hurricane

The hurricane that hit the East coast this weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to do another DIY. Yesterday, I made a jewelry branch like the one featured on Because I’m Addicted. If ever there was a time to look for a big thick branch for a project, right after the hurricane passed was it! So how did it turn out?

Lovely! Now, here’s how I did it…

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Creating Your Own Personal Style

I was reading College Fashion’s article on How To Develop Your Own Personal Style and thought I’d share how I define my own personal style (according to the article).

1. Determine Your Colors: To find your colors you have to assess your hair color, skin color, and eye color. This assessment will determine your “season” and give you a personal color scheme. I actually fall into a couple of seasons: deep autumn and deep winter and these are my colors schemes (respectively)…

Deep Autumn

Deep Winter

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